A-level results 2010: Your stories


BBC News Website readers tell their stories as tens of thousands of students received their A-level results on Thursday, amid an unprecedented battle for university places.

Laura Griffiths is going to Hull with 3 B grades

image captionLaura Griffiths got 3 Bs

Laura studied Politics, English literature and Psychology.

Like many students across the country, she waited for her A-level results in a mixture of fear and anticipation.

She said "I am prepared to look through a university place in clearing because if I miss my grades even by a few marks then I don't see why I should miss out on a university place entirely this year, despite me working extremely hard."

Laura was worried that there may not be many places available through Clearing.

The result

"I found out that I got into Hull this morning before I got my actual results. I got 3 Bs in my A levels but as it was points based, my AS grades got taken into account."

Lucy Doyle, from Bournemouth, will be studying Spanish at UCL

image captionLucy Doyle is celebrating in Bournemouth

Lucy had a conditional offer at UCL to read Hispanic Studies. She needed to get AAB but said "I would love to get 3 As".

Lucy also had an insurance choice to study Hispanic Studies with English at King's College London where she had to get 3 Bs.

Lucy said "I just hope it all goes smoothly on results day and that I get a place at either UCL or Kings. I am getting rather nervous now. Good luck to all A levellers!"

The result

"Well I'm extremely pleased because I have got AAB - A in English, A in Spanish and B in Biology. I have got into my chosen university -UCL- to study Spanish!

I'm so relieved and excited about arriving there in September! I checked UCAS TRACK this morning and I discovered I had got into UCL but I then went to school to see exactly what my results were. I will be out celebrating in Bournemouth with many other A-levellers this evening!"

David Lukic, from Dewsbury, achieved four A*s and an A

image captionDavid Lukic is going to study at Oxford

David studied Maths, Further Maths, Computing, General Studies and Physics at A-level.

He had an offer of AAA to study at Oxford, so did not need to get any A*s.

But he said "I've been trying to achieve this highest grade despite not needing it for university entry."

"I have friends who are very worried about getting an A* because their universities require it, and I'm very happy that I'm not in their situation."

The result

David achieved full marks in six of his modules and is "so happy" that he got into Oxford. He received an A* in Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Physics and an A in General Studies.

Natalie Evans from Neath Port-Talbot needed an AAA to study Law

image captionNatalie Evans needed AAA to get into Cardiff University

Natalie needed an AAA to study a Law degree at Cardiff University this September. In college, she studied Law, Geography and English Literature.

Natalie was "exceptionally nervous about obtaining these grades". She did very well at AS Level as she obtained 200/200 in Geography and 192/200 in Law but she was still worried about these results as "the second year is much harder than the first".

Natalie said she was not really looking to get an A* but it would be nice to gain such a high grade. She said "I have always been a high achiever but I'm still very worried and very anxious. I have worked very hard for these qualifications".

"It is also quite worrying that Clearing places have been cut and that some universities are already completely full up.

For example, in Wales, Aber and Trinity College have already announced that they are completely full. It is very worrying. I can imagine that some people will be very upset on Thursday morning if they cannot obtain a university place through Clearing."

The result

"I had an A* in Law, A in Geography and A in English Literature. I am going to Cardiff Law School."

Rameez, from London, feels "ecstatic"

Rameez applied for medicine this year and had a firm offer of AAA to study at King's College London and an insurance offer of AAB to study at the University of Leicester.

Rameez said he was "incredibly nervous" before his results, as he thought his chances of getting a place were minimal if he did not attain an A in Chemistry.

He could not even retake an exam because to commence medicine you need to complete your A-levels within two years.

"The amount of pressure is huge", he said. "There aren't any medical places through clearing, so it's just one shot for me."

The result

Rameez secured a place at Kings College London to study medicine. He feels "ecstatic" and was on his way to school to find out his exact results.

Maria Burton, from Bromley, is going to celebrate

image captionMaria Burton will study Politics and Spanish

Maria did very well at GCSE but did not expect or hope to get A*s. She was hoping for two As and a B.

Many people she knows, however, were expecting exam excellence and Maria said she fears that those who got AAA, rather than A*s, would not get the recognition they deserve.

This "undermines the effort of the vast majority of candidates, regardless of the grades they receive" she said.

The result

Maria achieved AAA and is going to celebrate both her grades and the fact that she can now go to Southampton University to study Politics and Spanish.

Lewis Bartlett, from Leeds, was "bouncing off the walls"

image captionThe A* was Lewis Bartlett's single greatest fear

Lewis studied Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Biology and General Studies. Part of Lewis' offer to study Natural Sciences at Selwyn College, Cambridge was an A* grade in one of three specified subjects, alongside two A grades and a B grade in some of the other subjects he took.

The A* was Lewis' "single greatest fear" because the requirements for it are so much more difficult to attain when compared with other grades.

The result

"I've received my results and they are as follows: Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*, Maths A*, General Studies A, Further Maths A.

This meets (and exceeds) my Cambridge offer requirements so I'm extremely happy. Opening the envelope was a great rush of relief and elation. Currently I'm just excited to be going to such a good university for a course I enjoy, I was bouncing off the walls in college when I got them."

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