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A-level results: Your reaction

Year 13 students Portia McEwan, Daniel Mullens, Grace Fairbairn and Taha Kahn at New Hall School, Chelmsford
Image caption Year 13 students Portia McEwan, Daniel Mullens, Grace Fairbairn and Taha Kahn at New Hall School, Chelmsford

More than 300,000 teenagers are getting the results of their A-levels as universities compete to get more of them through their doors.

The national breakdown of results shows the overall pass rate rose marginally - to 98.1%. It has been rising for about 30 years.

BBC News website readers and Twitter users are reacting to the news of their A-level and AS-level results.

James Gardiner, Winchester, Hampshire

I have just seen my results and I got AAB and I am ecstatic!

I needed ABB for my course but I don't understand what my options are now in terms of changing courses to other top universities.

I was prepared to go through the clearing process.

I didn't know about the adjustment system until recently.

I have got into my first choice of Sheffield University to study chemistry. However, now I have better results, I am going to try to get into a more academic university.

In the paper it says all about how they will try and woo all the students with ABB and above, but not much about the process.

Camilla Williamson, Oldham

Image caption Camilla Williamson's offer of acceptance into university posted by her on Instagram

I'm over the moon.

Three As would have been enough. But I got an A* in biology, as well as two As.

I'm going to study medicine at Liverpool.

I'm celebrating by having lunch with my mum and then all the family are coming round later.

I went to my college in Oldham today to have my photograph taken, although I initially found out my results by email..

I applied for four different universities and got accepted by only one of them - Liverpool - where I will be attending in September.

Caroline Cieslewicz, Northampton

I'm pleased with my results. I got an A* for biology, A for chemistry, A for maths, A for AS Latin & A* for my extended project.

However, I am sad that I cannot study medicine in the UK as no university has offered me a place.

Therefore unless any university is now interested in my grades I am going overseas, as I have an offer to study medicine in Poland.

I am looking for clearing places. I can't get through to half of them as all the lines are engaged.

I have been set on Poland but would rather go to university in the UK if I can.

So far I have called King's College London, Leicester, Bristol, Sheffield and Nottingham universities with no luck.

I'm not going into school today.

Oliver Orton, Guernsey

I achieved AAB this morning, but missed out on my application to study law at Bristol by 12 marks!

I was initially supposed to study at my insurance, UWE [University of the West of England], having been told that I simply had to attend my insurance choice.

However, I called the university and made them see that my grades were higher than they were asking. They agreed, and allowed me to gamble by entering into clearing. They were under no obligation to do this, so I was very thankful.

I telephoned Lancaster University quickly this afternoon, and after three minutes was offered a place on their law course! And all this was done from Greece!

Michael High, Carshalton, Surrey

I achieved three A*'s in chemistry, physics and mathematics!

I was expecting one A* and two As.

I'm very happy. Over the moon, hard work really does pay off.

All the teachers already knew what I had got when I went into school.

Work hard and you will see the results. I will be going to UCL [University College London] to study chemical engineering.

I applied to Cambridge but didn't get in.

I will be celebrating tonight.

Your tweets

James Tipper ‏- @j_tipper21 - tweets: Funny how I thought of dropping history at GCSE, and AS then end up with an A at A-Level!! #Madness

Helen ‏- @Helen8858 - tweets: so so relieved to get results and can celebrate tonight! #alevels

Jay ‏- @Vortexology - tweets: A*A*A* in Maths, Physics and History. So happy! Off to Uni of Nottingham to study Physics! #ALevels

Lolly ‏- @littlemissmay95 - tweets: #Alevels proud of my results today, okay I got 2 B's, a C, and an E but hey, im on track, and German was a big hiccup :)

Your emails

Image caption Dylan Kawende, London: "I am more than thrilled".

We had just come back from holiday and went to bed at 5am. Three hours later, my mum runs into my room demanding I check Ucas. When we found out I had been accepted into my university, she jumped like there was no tomorrow and I'm pretty sure she woke the neighbours with her cheers - not a bad reaction! Mayan Shakarchy, Surrey

I wanted to get into uni to do nursing so badly, but grades let me down. I've done so much work experience hoping I really can get a place, but I know I won't now because I haven't got the grades. Meryl, Birmingham

I spent a long time revising for my AS exams, day and night. I left each exam feeling comfortable. In return I achieved a terrible E in biology, E in psychology and B in economics. I had been previously completing so many past papers and had been getting all As. I don't know what went wrong. Rob Andrews, Ilford

Got A*AA today in biology, chemistry and maths respectively. I was pleasantly surprised by my A* in biology and now I'm waiting for an offer through adjustment as my firm choice offer was only AAB. Rachel Bolton, Fareham

I am more than thrilled that I managed to achieve a grade B at AS English language, which I completed a year early. I now look forward to doing the IB Diploma programme at Westminster Academy. Dylan Kawende, London

Didn't make it into my first or insurance places but the first uni I phoned in clearing offered me a place on the spot! Clearing gave me the chance to slightly change what I want to do and to focus on one subject instead of a joint honours course. Great system. Not nearly as scary as I had anticipated. Emma, Ilfracombe, Devon

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