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Teenager Aspana has decided to become a carer
A Kent teenager talks about choosing caring as a career.
Teenager is captain of Middlesbrough adults hockey team
Skye is the captain of a women's hockey team at the age of just 14.
'My scarf is a sign of freedom not oppression'
Fatima decided to wear the hijab when she turned 12 and wants to educate people on its true meaning.
'After the accident I wanted my old dad back'
Lottie's dad was in a accident fours years ago, his injury affected his memory and personality.
'Social media is changing the view of my disability'
Francesca's story is about the benefits of social media to isolated disabled young people.
'Every night I pray to move house'
Eghosa has lived with his family in a one bedroom flat since primary school despite promises of a bigger flat.
14-year-old Jovita tells us what it's like to be deaf in a hearing world
Jovita is a finalist in the BBC Young Reporters Competition. She tells us why being deaf is difficult in a hearing world.
Meet the 16-year-old DJ with a difference
Sixteen-year-old Jake is the country's first Makaton-friendly DJ, after being inspired by his younger cousin who has Down's syndrome.