Election 2015

Reality Check: Does Wales get less funding?

Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, has kicked off its election campaign by demanding the same levels of funding per head as Scotland. How far behind is Wales?

In 2013-14, public spending in Wales was £9,924 per head. The Scots got £10,275 per head, meaning that if Plaid were to get their wish, then Wales would benefit from an extra £351 per person.

However, if we put the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom into a spending-per-head league table then Scotland and Wales sit comfortably in the middle.

English (£8,678 per head) complaints about higher public spending are generally directed at Scotland.

But spending per head is actually highest in Northern Ireland at £10,961 per head, which is 23% above the UK average, which itself works out as £8,936 per head.

These per-head figures will be interesting to watch in any post-election negotiations.

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