Election 2015

Election 2015: Cameron's #passion

With just 10 days to go, some online feel the campaign is being taken up a notch at last, as David Cameron delivered impassioned speeches both last night in Somerset and again this morning in The City.

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There's been quite a reaction online to the enthusiasm being shown by the PM at his most recent addresses, with people tweeting bits of the speech...

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...and commenting on the newly fervent tone of the PM.

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But some are asking if he can maintain this momentum and even if he can if it's all a bit too late...

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Meanwhile others online are finding fun in the PM's passion, making mash-ups of him saying he's pumped up and the Black-Eyed Peas song of a similar name.

And it's not just David Cameron who seems to be firing up his audience today...

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And Nick Clegg was on The Jeremy Vine show getting passionate about his morals...

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Journalists may have been talking about Cameron's new-found passion, but social media was considerably more interested in the SNP's new-found numbers, reflected by a spike in mentions of the party online, after it was suggested that they could win 54% of the vote in Scotland in a TNS poll this morning.

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Written by Kerry Alexandra

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