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Election 2015: Cameron in pledge for young people

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David Cameron will insist that more young people would get a "first chance" under a Conservative government.

In a speech later the prime minister will say a million under-30s have already been taken out of the income tax system over the past five years as the personal allowance rose to £10,600.

The Tory commitment to raise the threshold to £12,500 would exempt another 500,000, he will say.

Mr Cameron is launching the Tories' five point guarantee for young people.

At an event in Yorkshire, Mr Cameron will say: "If you're young, want to work hard and want to get on, the Conservative Party is the party for you.

"If you put in, you'll get out. If you want to work hard and make something of yourself, whether it's through our apprenticeship programme, abolishing the jobs tax on young people, our income tax cuts or Help to Buy, we are the party of the first chance - the first job, the first pay cheque, the first home; the party of every young person who wants to get on in life."

Other guarantees offered by the Tories include delivering more than three million new apprenticeships, maintaining the employment allowance, ensuring there is no national insurance on jobs for people under 21 years old, and abolishing employers' national insurance on apprentices under 25.

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