Election 2015

What might be in the prime minister's in-tray?

So, how might the next few weeks and months go for David Cameron who is now back in Downing Street having won the election? Here, BBC Scotland's Douglas Fraser ponders the kind of memos that might be sent to the UK's prime minister.

Welcome back note.....

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To: The Prime Minister

From: Your diary secretary

Date: 8 May 2015

"Welcome back to Downing Street, Prime Minister.

"The cabinet secretary has been looking at your election manifesto, and will be sending you a separate memo about how to implement your priorities and budget choices.

The Treasury has a briefing ready for you. This will include budget choices, as well as immediate concerns about market volatility due to the rising oil price threatening to bring back inflation, and uncertainty about Greece's place in the eurozone."

Foreign affairs briefing.....

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"The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also has a briefing ready for you, with pressing issues including:

  • Handling the renewed eurozone crisis and Greece
  • The Mediterranean refugee crisis
  • Syria, and related activity in the region by Iran and Saudi Arabia
  • How to handle Israel's new government
  • The Putin challenge, and recent military incursions (The Nato General-Secretary wants an early meeting)
  • There will also be a security briefing on the level of jihadi threat and the extent of cyber attacks."

Diary items.....

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"Some items are already in your diary for the next five years:

18 May: The next sitting of the House of Commons

27 May: State Opening of Parliament

7 and 8 June: G7 Summit in Germany

25 and 26 June: Heads of government at European Council summit, Brussels

11 September: Celebrations to mark the Queen becoming Britain's longest-reigning monarch. Many other heads of state are expected to attend."

Reports due...

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"Later this year, there will be many pages to read on

  • London Airports
  • and business rates reform

There will also be a pressing decision on the need to refurbish the Palace of Westminster."

Other dates.....

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30 Nov - 11 Dec: Climate Change Summit, Paris

17 and 18 December: Heads of government at European Council summit, Brussels

5 May 2016: Scottish Parliament elections, as well as Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies

2016: Gateway decision required on nuclear deterrent replacement

4 May 2017: Council elections, including all of Scotland

July-December 2017: The UK holds the presidency of the Council of Ministers of the European Union (This may also be your chosen timing for a referendum on European membership)

May 2019 - Some time in the final year, you may wish to pencil in time for an election to choose your successor as Conservative leader.

7 May 2020: General election (could that already be on your mind?)

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