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Election 2015: The snacks seeing you through the night

Sausage rolls on trays at Hounslow count
Image caption A variety of sausage rolls were on offer at one election count in London

Up and down the country, people are spending the night watching the results of the general election come in. Whether at home or at a count, many of them are keeping themselves going with a smorgasbord of snacks. BBC News has found a few of the best examples.

BBC London reporter Emilia Papadopoulos is spending the night at Hounslow civic centre, from where she tweeted a picture of an exceptional selection of pastries, captioning the photo "Just in case we get hungry".

Image caption The tuck shop at the Dudley North count was organised by a local church

Elsewhere, BBC WM's political reporter Kathryn Stanczyszyn posted a photo of the tuck shop at Dudley North. provided by St John's church.

The seat, which returned a Labour candidate in 2010, is a key marginal.

Image copyright Sarah Harris
Image caption These "coalition cupcakes" were the brainchild of Sarah Harris

Twitter user Sarah Harris said she made special "coalition cupcakes" ahead of election night.

"You choose your major party bun case, with the smaller parties building your rainbow coalition inside," she said.

Image caption This pizza made of sweets was enjoyed by some of those covering the Colchester count

A sweet "pizza" of the action was on offer at the count in Colchester, Essex, BBC presenter Ian Wyatt tweeted.

Two constituency counts are taking place at the town's Charter Hall - Colchester, a Liberal Democrat seat since 1997, and Harwich and North Essex, won by the Conservatives last time around.

Image caption Sausages were on offer to those at the count in Enfield

In London, BBC London 94.9 reporter Anna O'Neill was pleased to find hotdogs on offer at the count in Enfield, but opted for a cheese and pickle sandwich instead.

The venue is hosting three counts, one for Enfield North and one for Enfield Southgate, both Conservative seats at the last election.

The third seat, Edmonton, has been Labour-controlled since 1997.

Image caption Staff at BBC Radio Stoke put in extra effort to make a special election night cake

Over at BBC Radio Stoke, staff marked the occasion by making an election night cake, complete with icing ballot paper.

Producer Sarah Robertson tweeted this photo of their efforts - the station is broadcasting a special election programme through the night.

Image caption BBC reporters at the Scunthorpe count managed to keep their sugar levels high with this lot

A selection of sweets and chocolates was enjoyed by Radio Humberside staff in Scunthorpe, where two counts are taking place.

A live page of updates from Scunthorpe and elsewhere in Yorkshire and Humber is running through the night, and is available here.

Image copyright Everything Epping Forest
Image caption Sushi was on the menu at the election night count in Epping, Essex

Culinary offerings were slightly more upmarket at the count in Epping, Essex, where Conservative councillor John Knapman brought trays of sushi.

BBC Essex has been broadcasting results from all of the county's counts since 01:00 BST.

Image caption A selection of UKIP candidates enjoyed the offerings of a bar in Bracknell, Berkshire

And finally, BBC Radio Berkshire reporter Nick Johnson tweeted this photo of UKIP members enjoying a pint or two at the count in Bracknell as votes were counted.

A live page reporting results from Berkshire and elsewhere in the South of England is available here.