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Worcester backs general election winners

Image caption Since the 1970s, whichever party has won in Worcester has gone on to form the government

Herefordshire and Worcestershire went into the general election as an entirely blue area, and once the dust settled it emerged as an even deeper shade of blue.

All eight Conservative MPs were re-elected with increased majorities.

It was down, in part, to the almost complete collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote.

In Worcester, the Lib Dems pulled in close to 10,000 votes in 2010, but this time around it was closer to 1,600.

Labour activists had expected disillusioned Lib Dem voters to flock to them, helping to turn tight seats like Worcester red. But it looks like that just didn't happen - in Worcester, Labour's share of the vote barely changed.

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Media captionRobin Walker almost doubled his majority in Worcester

Instead, those former Lib Dem voters seemed to flee in all directions.

Some appear to have gone to Labour, some to UKIP, some to the Greens and some to the Conservatives.

It's meant that in Worcester, and across the two counties as a whole, the Conservatives have not only held on, but increased their grip on power.

Take one look at the national picture and you'll see the same story.

It may be a cliche, but it's true - "as goes Worcester, so goes the nation".

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