Election 2015: Scottish nominations close

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Nominations have closed ahead of the general election on 7 May, with more than 340 candidates standing in Scotland's 59 constituencies.

The SNP, Labour, Tories and Liberal Democrats will be fielding candidates in every Scottish constituency.

UKIP have 41 candidates and the Scottish Greens have 31.

The Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will have 10 candidates, with seven from the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol Party.

The SSP has four candidates, while the National Front will have two and the Scottish Communist Party, the Scottish Christian Party and the Socialist Equality Party have one each.

There are a further 10 candidates who describe themselves as independent.

Britain First and the BNP are not putting up any candidates in Scotland.

Any individual or party that wanted to stand for election as a Member of Parliament had until 16:00 on Thursday to file their papers.

There are now exactly four weeks until the election, with anyone who wishes to vote in person having until Monday 20 April to register.

Anyone who wants to vote by post has to apply by 17:00 on 21 April.