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Election 2015: PM visits Wales as campaigning steps up

Houses of Parliament
Image caption The race for Westminster resumes with one month to go until election day

Campaigning for the general election is stepping up after Easter, with 30 days to go until polling day on 7 May.

The five main parties all have campaign events planned around Wales.

For the Conservatives, Prime Minister David Cameron will visit Wales as part of a tour of the UK's four nations in one day.

He will say the economy is growing across the UK, and an Ed Miliband government would be a "disaster", with "one month to save Britain from debt".

Mr Cameron said ahead of the visits: "Today, I am travelling to all four nations of our United Kingdom, to all four corners of our country, with one simple message: we have one month to save our economy from the disaster of an Ed Miliband government.

"We have one month to save Britain from his mountain of debt; one month to save Britain from his punitive taxes; one month to save Britain, and British families, from his anti-business and anti-aspiration agenda."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is due to visit Montgomeryshire on Tuesday to discuss Liberal Democrat plans for NHS funding.

The party says its pledge to put £8bn into the NHS will mean an extra £450m for Wales which would be spent on more nurses and mental health services.

In the Vale of Glamorgan, Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves will tell voters they have "one month to scrap the 'bedroom tax'".

The party claims the removal of the spare room subsidy is due to hit a further 70,000 families in Wales over the next five years.

Plaid Cymru will launch its farming mini-manifesto on Anglesey with a pledge to improve support for agriculture.

Plaid is also calling for improvements to broadband, fuel prices and postal services in rural areas.

UKIP Wales is planning a rally in Swansea.

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