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Election 2015: Plaid Cymru wants more powers over energy

Swansea Bay lagoon scheme Image copyright Tidal Lagoon Power
Image caption The proposed tidal lagoon Swansea Bay project would be the world's first man-made, energy-generating lagoon

Plaid Cymru is calling for power over major energy projects to be devolved to the Welsh government.

The party said it would allow Wales to increase its renewable energy capacity, focusing on tidal and hydro sources.

The Conservatives, Labour, Plaid and the Liberal Democrats have committed to transferring power over energy projects of up to 350 megawatts to Cardiff Bay.

It came in the St David's Day agreement earlier this year - where transfer of powers were set out.

The Conservatives say they have delivered energy projects for Wales and "nobody should listen to the Welsh nationalists when it comes to energy".

Labour said its priority is "reforming the energy markets" and "keeping prices low" for customers.

The Lib Dems say they have "led the charge" on renewable energy and have helped secure "major energy powers" for Wales.

A UKIP spokesman accused Plaid Cymru of a "pick-and-mix approach" to politics, by "demanding additional money from English taxpayers" but wanting to keep the all the proceeds from Wales' natural resources.

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