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Election 2015: Plaid Cymru accuses 'desperate' rivals

Leanne Wood
Image caption Leanne Wood says parties like Plaid Cymru offer an alternative to 'combative' politics

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has accused rival parties of "dangerous and divisive rhetoric" in a "desperate" attempt to win votes.

Ms Wood blamed the Conservatives in particular for claiming the SNP posed a threat to the future of the UK.

She claimed "progressive" parties like hers were offering a "collaborative" alternative to "combative" politics.

"This election presents an opportunity for harmonious co-existence between our nations," she said.

Ms Wood's comments followed Conservative claims that Labour dependence on support from the SNP to form a government after the election on 7 May would threaten the break-up of the UK.

Campaigning in south Wales on Monday, she said: "The parties advocating progressive, inclusive non-partisan cooperation in this election are not those who claim to cherish the political union above all others, but the national parties of Wales and Scotland.

"Along with the Greens in England, our parties have provided people across these islands with a collaborative alternative to the traditional combative Westminster politics."

Ms Wood added that she had received "hundreds" of supportive messages from people in England following the televised debates.

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