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Election 2015: Bridge tolls a 'cash cow', say Lib Dems

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Media captionLib Dem Jenny Willott says the tolls are a barrier to business

The Liberal Democrats have accused their election rivals of planning to use Severn Bridge tolls as a "cash-cow" when they return to public ownership.

The party says scrapping the tolls in 2018 would save commuters up to £1,300 a year more than other parties' plans.

Lib Dem candidate Jenny Willott called the tolls a "huge barrier to business".

Conservative Chancellor George Osborne announced in his March Budget that Severn Bridge tolls for cars and vans will be cut to £5.40 in 2018.

Ms Willott said: "Tolls are extremely rare in the UK, so I see no reason why people should be forced to pay to enter Wales."

"Plaid, the Tories and Labour all want to keep the tolls as a cash-cow - the Lib Dems won't let that happen," she added.

Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith said the claim was "utter nonsense", saying Labour would devolve Severn tolls "so that decisions about them can be made in Wales".

Plaid Cymru candidate Steffan Lewis said his party would lower the fee to £2 per car and wants to see the Welsh government take control over the bridge.

The Conservatives have also been asked to comment.

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