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Election 2015: Hung parliament 'squabble' continues

Stephen Crabb at BBC Wales Report debate
Image caption Stephen Crabb says Labour and Plaid Cymru are 'squabbling'

The Conservatives have accused Labour and Plaid Cymru of being involved in an "unedifying squabble" over who to support if there is a hung parliament.

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb was speaking after Friday's final televised debate before the election.

"There's only one party that's in a position to secure an overall majority and that's the Welsh Conservatives," he told the Sunday Politics Wales show.

During the debate, Labour's Owen Smith clashed with Plaid's Leanne Wood.

Mr Smith challenged Plaid's Leanne Wood about whether she would vote down an Ed Miliband minority government. The Plaid leader responded by accusing Labour of taking Wales for granted over many decades.

Also speaking to Sunday's BBC Wales programme, Mr Smith repeated his call to Ms Wood.

"Hell will freeze over before I vote with the Tories. Leanne Wood hasn't confirmed that she wouldn't vote with the Tories," he stated.

"She's the one that's got a question to answer about that not Labour."

On behalf of Plaid Cymru, Dr Dafydd Trystan said his party's view was absolutely clear: "We will not vote for a Tory prime minister neither will we vote for Tory policies imposed by a Labour Party."

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Media captionLabour's Owen Smith and Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood clashed over working together


Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams told Sunday Politics Wales: "The choices are either having a government that is dragged off by nationalists who will threaten jobs and threaten the stability of the union, or dragged off to the right by UKIP that would cut public expenditure or they could choose to vote for the Liberal Democrats who would anchor the government in the centre ground."

UKIP's Nathan Gill told the programme: "We really do believe that the people who make our laws are the people that are in Westminster or the Welsh Assembly, not in Brussels.

"We believe that the money that we spend needs to be spent here in Wales or Britain on us."

Wales Green party leader Pippa Bartolotti said, "We have a very real and immediate problem with the state of gender pay. I want to help women out of this terrible rut that government after government has kicked them into."

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