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Gill Furniss wins Sheffield by-election for Labour

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Media captionGill Furniss, widow of Harry Harpham, wins Sheffield seat

The widow of a Labour MP who died from cancer has won a by-election to replace him in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituency.

Harry Harpham's widow Gill Furniss received 14,087 votes, a majority of 9,590 and a 6% increase in Labour's share of the vote.

Mr Harpham had been elected in the 2015 General Election.

Ms Furniss said her victory was an "emphatic message" for David Cameron about "unfair" spending cuts.

The full results were:

Gill Furniss, Labour, 14,087

Steven Winstone, UKIP, 4,497

Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat, 1,385

Spencer Pitfield, Conservative, 1,267

Christine Gilligan, Green, 938

Stevie Manion, Yorkshire First, 349

Bobby Smith, Give Me Back Elmo, 58

Turnout was 33% compared with 55% in 2015.

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Image caption Harry Harpham had recently been diagnosed with cancer

Ms Furniss said: "Tonight the people of Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough have sent David Cameron an emphatic message: Mr Cameron we have had enough of your uncaring government. We have had enough of your Tory government's unfair cuts which have hit communities like ours in Sheffield so much more than affluent areas."

Mr Harpham was 61 and was a former miner in Nottinghamshire and previously deputy leader of Sheffield City Council. He was elected after former home secretary David Blunkett announced his intention to stand down. Mr Harpham received 22,663 votes, a majority of 13,807.

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