Northern Ireland Election 2016

NI election issues guide: Environment

Northern Ireland goes to the polls on 5 May to elect a new assembly. Browse the parties' key environment priorities below:

  • Develop a climate change act for Northern Ireland, with a clear 'road map' for implementation
  • Create an independent environmental protection agency. A more efficient and effective regulatory regime would lead to better environmental management and protection
  • Improve flood defences by using an evidence-based approach to determine what to build and assess how climate change will affect flooding
  • Create a long-term, 40-year energy strategy, to provide a clear 'road map' toward addressing the challenge and one which covers all forms of renewable energy
  • Create a new environmental advisory division within the new Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to help improve the natural environment
  • Develope a greenway network across Northern Ireland that provides traffic-free space for walkers and cyclists
  • Launch a 'Don't Mess With NI' campaign based on the example of Texas - one of the most successful in changing public attitudes towards littering
  • Take forward the work of the Coastal Management Forum with the aim of establishing a single lead department and overhauling the 50-year-old protection framework
  • Call for the strict enforcement of penalties for illegal dumping and dredging, with funds raised by fines directed into sustainable environmental programmes
  • Bring forward a climate change bill
  • Ban all types of dangerous 'unconventional' fossil fuel extraction, including fracking
  • Reintroduce renewable heat incentive scheme
  • Introduce a climate change bill
  • Oppose fracking
  • Promote renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Increase penalties for illegal dumping and water pollution
  • The DoE single-use carrier bag levy introduced by the SDLP has been a huge success for the environment in terms of waste reduction
  • A climate change bill would provide new recognition of the reality of climate change and further create the clarity businesses and industries need. It should be a programme for government commitment
  • We fundamentally oppose the introduction of fracking. We support the development of new, safe and renewable sources of energy and have introduced a moratorium on fracking
  • There is sufficient scope for an independent environment agency
  • We must act as responsible custodians of our environment so future generations can enjoy the rich diversity of our planet. However, we reject punitive green taxes and limitations on individual liberty
  • There are many drivers of changing climate, including uncontrollable natural forces, and we encourage honest scientific enquiry into these matters
  • We totally reject absurd proposals such as monthly bin collections
  • We are not impressed by the large scale wind farm craze and unrealistic and expensive green energy targets. Wind energy is the most expensive energy form
  • Commitment to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions in line with UK and international obligations
  • Reinstate formal targets to increase our woodland cover
  • Halt the loss of our natural habitats and species
  • Increase penalties for crimes such as illegal dumping and fuel laundering
  • Scrap the monstrous wind turbines which are a blot on the landscape and are economically inefficient
  • Develop a more intimate connection and understanding of the countryside to enjoy and keep tidy
  • Demand an end to squabble provoking red tape by departmental mandarins who do not protect the countryside
  • Fuel regeneration in coastal areas and encourage 'Seaside Town' development to attract holiday business

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