Election 2017

Are you being targeted by political ads?

A composite image showing a Conservative political ad on Facebook (left) and a Labour one (right)

BBC Newsnight and BBC Trending and BBC local radio are working together to shed light on the role of social media advertising in this general election.

Political parties are using social media platforms more than ever - and much of their output is finely targeted and difficult to track.

We want you to help us get a clear picture of who is sending what to whom.

If you spot an advert or post in your social media feed which looks political then please send us a screengrab or a link to the content.

Please also tell us your age, gender, location, job and political affiliation (if you are happy to tell us). And please let us know if you are happy to be contacted by a BBC reporter.

Our team of analysts will assess the content to give a national picture of what is happening.

You can send us your political messages in the following ways:

Email: electionmessages@bbc.co.uk

Tweet: @bbcnewsnight or @bbctrending

SMS or WhatsApp: +44 7380 405603

The personal data you share with the BBC (age, gender, location, job and political affiliation) will be kept confidential by the BBC and will only be used for the purposes outlined above. Please only share your personal data if your are 18 years old or over. Your personal data will not be shared outside of the BBC. The BBC will retain your personal data for the duration of the election after which your personal data will be securely destroyed. By submitting your personal information you are consenting to the BBC to hold personal and sensitive personal information about you. For more information about how the BBC handles your data please go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/usingthebbc/privacy/privacy-policy