Election 2017

Conservatives report most donations in first part of year


Donations to the Conservatives were more than double Labour's during the first quarter of 2017, figures suggest.

The Electoral Commission said Theresa May's party reported £5.46m from donors between January and March, with mining millionaire Michael Davis providing the biggest gift of £317,000.

Unions helped Labour to report £2.64m given, with Unite donating £657,702.

The Lib Dems reported £603,155, UKIP £246,910, Greens £58,170, Plaid Cymru £23,000 and the SNP £301,935.

Among donations reported by Labour was £300,000 from former motor racing boss Max Mosley, who has used family money to fund press regulator Impress - and £376,242 from public services union Unison.

The commission said donations reported by political parties in the three-month period totalled £9.39m.

The Co-operative Party, whose candidates stand under the Labour banner, reported £322,800, while the Women's Equality Party reported £10,000 in donations and the Socialist Party of Great Britain reported £19,816, the Electoral Commission said.

Public funds are also listed for each party, which predominantly boost the totals for opposition parties.

Last week the regulator released figures showing donations for the opening days of the general election campaign - from 3 May, when Parliament was dissolved, until 9 May.

This showed the Tories had reported £4.1m in donations, compared with Labour's £2.7m, £180,000 for the Lib Dems, UKIP's £48,000, the Women's Equality Party's £20,544 and the Green Party's £15,000.

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