Election 2017

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall: I'll fight for 'real Brexit'

Paul Nuttall

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has focused his final pitch for votes on fighting for what he calls "real Brexit".

Campaigning in the East of England, he said his party was committed to lowering immigration and ensuring the UK does not pay an EU "divorce bill".

But he denied UKIP was a single-issue party, saying it wanted to slash foreign aid and instead invest more money in the NHS.

He predicted there would be "a number of places" where UKIP will win seats.

He told the BBC: "If you want to go out and ensure you vote for a party that wants real Brexit, I mean a Brexit whereby we reduce immigration, where we don't pay a divorce bill... don't vote Tory - vote for the real deal, which is UKIP.

"We'll tell it how it is and we've still got to be the guard dogs of Brexit."

He added: "We're the only party who's come out and said the real cancer in our society, the real problem we've got is Islamic fundamentalism."

It follows a speech on Tuesday in which he called for tougher measures to boost security.

He proposed that mosques preaching "extreme forms of Islam" should be "shut down" and full face veils worn by some Muslim women should be banned.

He also advocated internment of suspected jihadis and routinely arming the police.

Mr Nuttall, who began the day meeting voters in Great Yarmouth, before heading south to UKIP target seats in Essex, is also calling for more police, border guards and prison officers.

Mr Nuttall has predicted his party will win seats on Thursday, despite opinion polls suggesting its vote will fall overall.

He said he thought the polls were wrong and "in a number of places we'll get over the line".

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