Election 2017

Election results 2017: Tories take Mansfield after a century of Labour

Ben Bradley
Image caption Ben Bradley is Mansfield's first ever Tory MP

Labour has lost Mansfield to the Conservatives after holding it for almost a century.

Ben Bradley has been elected as the Nottinghamshire seat's first ever Tory MP after 94 years of Labour.

Conservative Anna Soubry, who has retained Broxtowe by a slim majority, said Theresa May should "consider her position".

Veteran Tory Ken Clarke was also re-elected to Rushcliffe, which he has held since 1970.

Image caption Anna Soubry's majority was greatly reduced

Mr Bradley, 27, wasn't born when Labour's Sir Alan Meale first won Mansfield in 1987.

Former Tory minister Ms Soubry, who has been an MP for Broxtowe since 2010, campaigned strongly for Remain in the run-up to the Brexit vote.

Following the Broxtowe result, she said the prime minister did not look strong and stable through the campaign and that she should consider whether she can remain in charge.

When asked if Theresa May should resign, she said: "That is a matter for her".

She said she had lost some "excellent and remarkable friends" among the Conservatives who had lost their seats.

Image caption The Father of the House's majority has been reduced by over 5,000 votes

Ken Clarke's majority in Rushcliffe was reduced by more than 5,000 votes, his lowest since 1997.

He said it has been the "most remarkable" general election and confident predictions in politics "can no longer be made".

The 76-year-old, who became Father of the House earlier this year, has said he will not stand again.

Mr Clarke, who turned up to the count in West Bridgford in his trademark Hush Puppies, said he had "never campaigned less in his life".

"It's the strangest one I've ever fought because the prime minster very inconveniently from my point of view decided to hold this election when I was having to have medical treatment and had an operation," he said.

Image caption As always, Ken Clarke's famous Hush Puppies made an appearance

He added it was one of the "most remarkable" elections he had ever fought in.

"I think we are in the middle of great events - the whole structure of politics has been changing in the last two or three years.

"The old confident predictions that could be made a few years ago can no longer confidently be made and we are still waiting to see what kind of parliament we will have tomorrow."

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