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General election 2019: UKIP says voters deserve clean-break Brexit

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UKIP can rebuild its strength and provide voters in Northern Ireland a chance to deliver a "clean-break Brexit", the party has said.

UKIP is standing two candidates in Northern Ireland in the general election on 12 December.

Its manifesto pledges also include getting rid of the Stormont assembly and scrapping the TV licence fee.

The party's Alan Love said he recognised the "uphill struggle" facing UKIP in Northern Ireland.

It currently does not have any elected representatives in Northern Ireland - and is only standing candidates in constituencies where it says there is no possibility of it negatively affecting other Brexit-backing candidates.

Mr Love said: "We like to give people, where possible, who support us the opportunity to vote for UKIP.

"We also want to rebuild our strength again, it's taken a bit of a knock in Northern Ireland recently, we don't want to just keep it to two rival parties all the time."

Image caption UKIP's Alan Love said the party was facing an "uphill struggle" electorally in Northern Ireland

The party launched its national manifesto across the UK on Monday and is standing in 44 seats across the UK.

UKIP Northern Ireland's other manifesto pledges include:

  • End "mass immigration"
  • Close down the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Abolish the TV licence fee

Mr Love said UKIP is also opposed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's revised Brexit deal, saying it would not allow the UK to leave the EU as a whole.

He argued that his party's preference was to leave the EU as soon as possible, even if that means on a no-deal basis.

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