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US election 2016 daily briefing: An ill wind for Clinton or Trump?

Florida residents bunk at a shelter in Daytona Beach Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Florida residents bunk at a shelter in Daytona Beach

With 31 days until the US election, here is your daily election briefing, with a look at hurricane politics, an eye-catching Clinton endorsement and an armistice between two feuding Fox presenters.

Storm in a teacup?

The Drudge Report, a conservative news aggregation website, has caused a stir by arguing that US government warnings about Hurricane Matthew are a conspiracy designed to make "an exaggerated point on climate" change.

In the pivotal swing state of Florida, meanwhile, Governor Rick Scott is facing a wave of criticism from Democrats because he has so far resisted calls to extend the Tuesday deadline to register to vote, amid all the storm-related disruption.

Democrats are seriously concerned that voter turnout may be dampened on 8 November, but it's unclear if the governor actually has the legal authority to grant more time.

It's a relatively quiet day on the campaign trail, with so much attention on the skies above.

According to our political maven, the Trump and Clinton camps ought to be cautious in what they say about the weather.

Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington, says:

"As Hurricane Matthew batters Florida, both campaigns are likely to tread carefully lest they be seen as trying to politicise the natural disaster. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have already sent out a press release expressing their concern for those in the storm's path, and the Clinton campaign announced it was delaying commercials on the Weather Channel until after the hurricane passes. Neither candidate has public events scheduled for Friday, and given that the storm will dominate the nation's attention, their time is probably better spent preparing for Sunday's presidential debate."

Well, this is awkward...

TV personality Rosie O'Donnell, whom Donald Trump has called a "slob" and "pig", and Ivanka Trump, his daughter, "ran into each other" in an exclusive Manhattan restaurant.

On Thursday night, while dining in Nobu 57, the candidate's daughter (and key advisor) bumped into the comedienne, a Trump aide has confirmed.

It seems that O'Donnell even had a civil conversation with the daughter of her arch-tormentor, who revived his beef with her in last week's first presidential debate.

O'Donnell even penned a poem on her website called "8 million to one" in which she describes Ivanka as "absurdly kind" and the "most beautiful woman i have ever seen".

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Image caption Rosie O'Donnell wished a happy Jewish New Year to Ivanka

Quote of the day

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The daughter of former New York mayor and vocal Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani spoke to Politico on Thursday about her string of pro-Clinton Facebook comments.

One of Caroline Giuliani's recent posts features a friend holding a rabbit with the caption, "my handsome guys cheering HRC on in the first debate".

This is not the first time that she's drifted from her father's camp. In 2008, as a 17-year-old, she expressed support for President Obama, also on Facebook, but later deleted her page.

Read more at Politico

Fox presenters make up

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Fox News primetime hosts Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity appear to have buried the hatchet, after rowing this week over the Republican candidate.

Kelly had suggested on her show that her colleague did not ask tough questions of Donald Trump, whom Hannity supports.

Hannity hit back in a tweet: "u should be mad at @HillaryClinton. Clearly you support her."

Picture of the day

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Image caption Trump running mate Mike Pence campaigns on Thursday in the Rust Belt town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The state of the race

Who is ahead in the polls?

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