US Election 2016

US election 2016: Your daily dig from campaign trail

With just 28 days to go until Americans go to the polls, here's your daily election dig, including a divided family of voters in Pennsylvania, why viewing figures from the debate were low, and Clinton bags another Bush clan endorsement.

The latest

Just let it go, Donald....

The Republican nominee declared war on the leader of the party on Tuesday morning, firing off tweets like bullets. One described House Leader Paul Ryan as "weak and ineffective" and attacking him for giving "zero support".

The political bloodbath began on Monday when the party's most senior elected member, Paul Ryan, took the extraordinary step of effectively washing his hands of their standard-bearer. Diehard Trumpistas are enraged by Republican bosses shunning their own presidential nominee. During a conference call, one Congressman lambasted them as "cowards".

Clinton held her biggest campaign event yet, drawing 18,500 people to a rally in Columbus, Ohio, suggesting her base may be rallying round her after Sunday's vicious televised debate. The Democratic candidate also vaulted to an 11-point national lead in an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll conducted over the weekend.

Nancy O'Dell, the woman who was the subject of lewd comments in the now-infamous Trump sex-boast tape, said: "There is no room for objectification of women," as she hosted her TV show Entertainment Tonight. The creator of The Apprentice, meanwhile, said he cannot legally release footage from the show, disappointing those hoping for a fresh batch of compromising Trump archive clips.

It's not just the Republican establishment that's split - the choice facing the nation has divided households, too, as the BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan found out...

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Media captionFractious election, fractured families: The Ingrams of Pennsylvania

Following Trump's suggestion that Hispanics in Las Vegas prefer to be called Latinos, BBC Mundo treads carefully into the minefield of US ethnic identity politics.

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera examines the murky claim that Russia is trying to hack the US presidential election.

And squillionaire Clinton supporter Warren Buffett released his tax details after Trump accused him of exploiting loopholes to dodge paying his dues.

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Media captionGordon Corera reports on an "extraordinary" claim Russia is trying to influence the election

Random stat

66.5 million - the number of Americans who tuned in for Sunday night's second presidential debate, a sharp fall from the first one two weeks earlier, which attracted a record-breaking 84 million viewers.

But this time the two candidates were up against the NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants, which was watched by 16.6 million people on NBC.

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Media captionThe BBC joins a family of hardcore Donald Trump supporters as they watch the second US presidential debate.

Pictures of the day

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Image caption Hillary Clinton steps off a plane as she arrives for a rally in Columbus, Ohio
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Image caption Donald Trump holds a child dressed as him during a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Quote of the day

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Endorsement of the day

Image copyright Lauren Bush Lauren

Yet another member of the Bush clan has come out in support of Hillary Clinton.

Lauren Bush Lauren posted a black-and-white photo of the Democratic candidate on her social media accounts with the caption, "#ImWithHer 🇺🇸".

Her grandfather, former president George HW Bush, and cousin, Barbara Pierce Bush, have recently telegraphed their support for Clinton.

Can it be coincidence that Lauren Bush Lauren's father-in-law, fashion designer Ralph Lauren, has dressed Clinton for her big moments during this campaign season?

Tuesday's campaign diary

Both presidential candidates will hit the trail in Florida, which some analysts say could hold the keys to the White House on 8 November.

As a legal battle rages over extending voter registration in this pivotal battleground state, Clinton will be on the stump down in Miami alongside former US vice-president Al Gore.

Trump will hold a rally at Panama City Beach up in the Panhandle.

Who is ahead in the polls?

Headshot of Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton

Headshot of Donald Trump


Donald Trump