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Texas rejects vote-flipping complaints

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Image caption State election officials say any issues are due to "voter error"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed that voting booths in Texas are malfunctioning.

There have been a few complaints from voters that their selection was switched to Hillary Clinton, just as they were about to submit their ballot.

Election officials say they are confident that any incorrect votes are due to "voter error", not rigging.

"A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas," Mr Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

"People are not happy. BIG lines. What is going on?" he wrote, without citing any sources or reports.

The presidential nominee was likely referring to an allegation from a woman who posted on Facebook this week that she voted only for Republican candidates - a so-called "straight party ticket" - but found that the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine ticket was selected as well.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott encouraged voters to double-check their ballot before casting their vote, and directed residents to a website where voters can learn how to cast their ballot before going to their polling place.

In Dallas county, election officials said there had been no official complaints made.

Frank Phillips, an election administrator for Tarrant County, told local media his office received two complaints but no problems were found with the machines in question.

"Typically, we've found it's voter error with the equipment," he said. "Sometimes they vote straight party and then click on another candidate."

More than 7.3 million Americans have voted already, either through in-person early voting or by submitting absentee ballots through the mail.

Mr Trump has continuously called the electoral system "rigged", due to voter fraud and media bias.

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