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York Outer election was 'intense parliamentary fight'

The Liberal Democrat General Election candidate for York Outer has said the campaign was an “intense parliamentary fight”.

Keith Aspden
Keith Aspden

Keith Aspden came third – with an increased share of the vote, up 4,082 on the 2017 election.

Mr Aspden, who is also leader of City of York Council, said: “The big challenge now is you’ve got a Conservative government with a big majority. They have an awful lot of promises to live up to – particularly to those new constituencies, to the north of England and to Yorkshire.

“I’d like to see the investment they have promised, for example into dualling York’s ring road, into rail between York and Leeds and Manchester, projects like York Central.

"There are going to be no excuses now for them not to deliver that investment."

General election 2019: What questions do you have?

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The election results are in but what else do you want to know?

Do you still have questions about the general election?

It could be a query over what happens next or an issue close to your heart.

You can find out the results for your area by using our constituency pages and catch up on the night's key points here.

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