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TV presenters Alex Jones and Jason Manford made their debut on the BBC's teatime magazine programme The One Show on Monday.

The pair have replaced Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley who defected to ITV earlier this year.

Here is a selection of what the TV critics said about the show's first night with the new hosts.

Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

Well, there weren't any howlers. Both Alex Jones and Jason Manford can read off an autocue - often without talking over each other.

They, or their producers, have already settled on a traditional pattern for their link - he does the gags, she does the indulgent smiles or mock-scolding. Much as with their predecessors, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley.

Jones and Manford aren't entirely the same as Chiles and Bleakley, though. They're more like Chiles and Bleakley's little brother and sister.

Polly Hudson, Daily Mirror

There's already a nice chemistry between Jason and Alex, you can believe they'd go for a drink together in real life.

They were competent, more slick than I expected and I can't imagine many One Show fans not taking them immediately to their hearts. I think we've just witnessed the birth of a showbiz double act to be reckoned with.

Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

Jones's nerves seemed momentarily to get the better of her - quite a few silences or "mmms" when a guest had finished speaking instead of a "natural" response - that suggested she had been distracted by thoughts of the upcoming link, but this is nothing that a bit more experience and confidence won't cure.

Manford - whose standup experience or inclinations perhaps equip him better for off-piste work - fared better, but together they are as warm, unintimidating and friendly as the programme requires.

Best of all, they seem capable of maintaining the show's lack of cynicism.

Amanda Platell, The Daily Mail

It was box office television. But I'm afraid Jones and Manford have about as much electricity between them as the Battersea power station, which was shut down almost 20 years ago.

The pair's rictus smiles were a dead giveaway. Jason's little cupid mouth was in a constant pucker.

As for Alex, not since Jaws terrorised a generation of swimmers have we seen such scary gnashers.

Leigh Holmwood, The Sun

At times the pair looked uneasy with each other and Jason showed his anxiety with too much nervous laughter.

But they managed to get to the end of their first episode with no major mishaps.

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