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US man held over Vincent van Gogh sketch

The Night Cafe
Image caption The original The Night Cafe is on display at the Yale University Art Gallery

A man wanted in connection with a stolen drawing believed to be by Vincent van Gogh has been arrested in Vermont in the US.

Authorities say the Texan man is wanted for selling a $1 million (£640,000) sketch of van Gogh's The Night Cafe.

He was arrested on charges of occupying an abandoned camp, burglary and possession of stolen property.

The sketch turned up at a New Mexico antiques shop after being stolen from a home in 2009.

Police say they believe the man sold it to the shop for $250 (£160).

An arrest warrant was issued after the man failed to make a court appearance.

The original painting of van Gogh's The Night Cafe, which shows a nearly empty cafe with a few customers seated at tables, is on display at the Yale University Art Gallery.

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