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Fan must stay away from Madonna

Image caption The messages were written near Madonna's Central Park apartment

A Madonna fan who was arrested for scrawling messages outside the star's New York home has been ordered to stay 10 blocks away from the location.

The condition was set for retired fireman Robert Linhart as he was released on bail for $20,000 (£12,555).

The 59-year-old denied resisting arrest and weapons possession, and he will not be tried for creating graffiti.

His lawyer contested that his messages were not threatening and demonstrated he was a fan of the singer.

One of Mr Linhart's messages read: "M, the universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please."

An ice pick was also found in his car for which he was charged with criminal possession.

At the time of his arrest last month, Mr Linhart's lawyer Cheryl Bader defended his actions, saying: "There was no threatening conduct. My understanding is it's not a crime to adore Madonna. If it were, the court would be a lot more crowded."

The New York fire department said Mr Linhart retired from his job in 1998.

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