TI rejects publicity stunt accusation

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TI was arrested last month on suspicion of possessing ecstasy

TI has denied US media reports that helping to talk a man down from a 22-storey building in Atlanta was a publicity stunt ahead of a court date.

"This is not something I could have planned," the rapper, 30, told CNN.

He drove to the scene to persuade the man to come down after hearing about the incident on the radio.

The rapper, real name Clifford Harris, is due in court on Friday for a parole hearing after his September arrest on suspicion of possessing ecstasy.

He is on probation after serving several months in prison last year for possessing illegal weapons.

"I didn't know this guy, I didn't wake up in the morning to say, 'Hey, let me find a way to go and save someone's life so I can be looked at favourably come Friday'," he said.

"My situation never even became a thought in my mind in the process of dealing with this - it was just something that touched my heart."

TI had recorded a video of himself on a mobile phone which was shown to the unnamed man.

He then agreed to come down in exchange for a few minutes with the rapper.

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