EastEnders reflects the government's Spending Review

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The scene was added at the last minute to reflect the Spending Review

EastEnders added a last minute scene to Thursday's episode to include the government's Spending Review, which has dominated the news this week.

The additional scene showed Patrick Trueman, played by Rudolph Walker, listening to the budget announcement while in his grocery shop.

Patrick was heard complaining to Charlie Slater, played by actor Derek Martin about some of the cutbacks.

But Charlie responded saying he thought the government was doing its best.

"The budget, you know, is all right if you're not young, old, unemployed, working, or on benefits," Patrick said.

"Patrick they're doing their best mate. We've got to take a hit." Charlie countered.

Overnight viewing figures suggest more than eight million watched the episode.

It is not the first time the BBC One soap has attempted to reflect real life events during the show.

In the past, references haves been made to Michael Jackson's death and the election of US president Barack Obama.

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