Media reacts to Osama Bin Laden's death

Front pages of papers on 3 May 2011 Image copyright bbc
Image caption Osama Bin Laden's death dominates the British press

Among my picks of Tuesday's big media industry stories are reports on media reaction to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The Guardian carries a two-page spread in print, and a web gallery, of US newspaper front pages, reporting the death of Osama Bin Laden. The New York Post's reads: "GOT HIM! Vengeance at last!"

"On the first hour of Radio 4's Today, Justin Webb and James Naughtie sounded as if they were struggling to keep up" with the news of Osama Bin Laden's death, writes radio critic Gillian Reynolds in the Daily Telegraph. "And no wonder. The story broke at 4.30am our time.….. I accept it was, for this country, a bank holiday coming after a royal wedding and I'd concede that by the time Today finished it had the big story in clearer focus. But the process had been markedly gradual."

The Observer reports that Danny Cohen, BBC1's new controller, admits he is under pressure to keep salaries down just as Channel 4 looks to lure talent away. Mr Cohen said pressure would grow once the corporation announced the results of its Delivering Quality First cost-saving plan this summer. It says the loss to Channel 4 of Jimmy Doherty, the presenter of Jimmy's Food Factory on BBC1, has underlined the problem. Mr Cohen said he felt top performers could still be attracted by the BBC's public service ethos and would not always demand the highest rates going.

As the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to return to what passes for normal life, the paparazzi are also waiting for a return to business as usual, reports the Independent. Glenn Gratton, founder of the London-based agency Matrix, said his company would respect the couple's call for privacy. "At the moment they have asked for privacy and as an agency we will respect that," Mr Gratton said yesterday. "As much as there is a demand worldwide, we will leave them alone for a period of time."

More than 24 million viewers in the UK watched the royal wedding on the BBC and ITV, according to Barb estimates, reports BBC News. The BBC said a peak figure of 20 million people - a 70% share - tuned into the corporation's coverage at the end of the service in Westminster Abbey.

The tourist authority VisitBritain predicts the worldwide TV coverage of the royal wedding will trigger a tourism boom, pulling in an extra four million visitors and some £2bn for the country's coffers, reports the Guardian. In the short term, the accountancy firm PwC estimates the influx delivered a £107m boost to London, as hotels, West End shops and restaurants picked up extra trade.

News of Osama Bin Laden's death is on the front of every newspaper - and takes up many inside pages too. The Times has 23 pages of coverage, headlined with a quote from President Obama: "Justice is done", as reported in the BBC's newspaper review.