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ITV children's show breaches product placement rules

ITV children's show Cool Stuff Collective has breached Ofcom's rules on product placement.

The show, which features presenter Sy Thomas and his monkey sidekick, is aimed at seven to 12 year-olds and reviews toys, gadgets and games.

The TV watchdog investigated complaints the programme is a "25-minute advert" for a child-aimed consumer products.

Ofcom said it noted "frequent" and "positive" comments about featured products.

It received two complaints from viewers about episodes aired on 20 February and 12 March, claiming gadget reviews amounted to little more than "product placement in children's television."

Ofcom added that several items ended with "overt encouragements" to consider the purchasing of products.

It concluded that "the cumulative effect of the frequent, detailed and continuously positive comments about the products in the reviews... was promotional".

In response, ITV accepted that some products in the programme were described positively, but said no products were included in the programmes as a result of a product placement arrangement.

In February, Ofcom relaxed rules governing product placement in the UK but maintained a ban on advertising during children's programmes.

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