Regional newspapers circulation

Torin Douglas
Former media correspondent

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This round-up of Thursday's main media stories focuses on good news and bad news for regional newspapers.

The decline in sales of regional newspapers continues, according to new data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, reported in Press Gazette. It says only three UK regional dailies grew their circulation in the first six months of the year, and 11 reported a double-digit drop: "The Nottingham Post saw the biggest fall, sliding 16.9 per cent to 35,361. This was followed by the Yorkshire Evening Post (down 14.6 per cent to 36,512) and the Doncaster Star (down 14.1 per cent to 2,327)."

But the Guardian says three of the biggest regional newspaper publishers got some good news for a change, with all reporting website traffic growth of at least 30% year on year in the first six months of 2011. "As sales of regional newspapers continue to take a hammering, Northcliffe Media, Trinity Mirror and Newsquest can take some heart from huge online traffic increases for their regional newspaper websites."

A row has broken out between Wikileaks and one of the newspapers it collaborated with to leak US diplomatic cables, reports BBC News. It says the whistle-blowing group said unredacted versions of the 251,000 diplomatic cables had been leaked on the internet. Wikileaks blamed the disclosure on the Guardian newspaper and said it had started legal action against the paper. The newspaper has strongly denied the claims, blaming a "security breach".

Ortis Deley has been dropped from his role as lead anchor of Channel 4's World Athletics Championships coverage after complaints from viewers about a series of gaffes, reports the Guardian. It says: "Channel 4 is broadcasting the championships for the first time - after 27 years with the BBC - and promised a showcase for the broadcaster's 'innovative approach to live sport'... Channel 4 will be keen to get the tone of its athletics coverage right as it prepares to broadcast next year's Paralympics."

Several of Thursday's newspapers consider the issue of "illegal" traveller sites on their front pages, others focus on the defence cuts, as reported in the BBC's papers review.