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Jeff Goldblum 'stalker' told by US judge to stay away

Jeff Goldblum
Image caption Jeff Goldblum says Ms Ransom has been harassing him since 2001

A woman who has harassed Jeff Goldblum for the past decade has been ordered to stay away from the Jurassic Park star.

The actor, 59, was granted a temporary restraining order against Linda Ransom last month after she repeatedly went to his home.

A Los Angeles judge ordered her to stay 100 yards (91 metres) away from Mr Goldblum for the next three years.

The 49-year-old claims she is trying to pursue a case against one of his employees, who she says attacked her.

She claims although she has tried to file the case, she has been unable to find a lawyer willing to represent her.

Ms Ransom, who repeatedly raised her voice to the judge, told the court: "Mr Goldblum is being harassed because the legal system is negligently violating my rights."

The judge told her it did not give her the right to repeatedly go to the star's home and try to meet him at public performances.

"This harassment is going to stop. Mr Goldblum does not want you near him," the judge said.

Mr Goldblum did not appear in court, but provided a sworn testimony detailing Ms Ransom's alleged behaviour.

"Over the past decade, I have experienced substantial emotional distress due to Ms Ransom's continuous stalking, harassing, and threatening behaviour," he wrote.

Mr Goldblum, the star of films including The Fly and Independence Day, says he first alerted police to her in 2001 after she attended one of his acting classes and began waiting outside his home.

His testimony also stated Ms Ransom had been arrested three times for violating previous restraining orders and had been placed in psychiatric care.

The actor previously won a restraining order against her in 2007.

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