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Hugh Jackman has second cancerous growth removed

Hugh Jackman Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Hugh Jackman attended the premiere of his latest film with a bandage on his nose

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has had a second cancerous skin growth removed from his nose.

The 45-year-old attended the premiere of his latest film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, sporting a bandage on his face in New York on Saturday.

The star told reporters he learned the results of a biopsy diagnosing the basal cell carcinoma (BCC) on Thursday, and had it removed immediately.

Jackman urged others to "get check-ups and wear sunscreen".

BCC is a slow-growing form of skin cancer and usually develops on skin exposed to the sun, accounting for about 75% of skin cancers.

The Oscar-nominated star revealed he was first diagnosed with a BCC in November, when he posted a picture of himself online after a similar procedure.

Jackman said his prognosis was good, saying: "It's all out now".

He reiterated his plea for fans to stay protected when out in the sun.

He said he hoped fans would listen to his X-Men character Wolverine - or at least the man who plays him - and be smart about their health.

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