Ryan Gosling denied order as 'stalker' goes missing

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The Notebook actor was issued protection against Del Villar last November

Ryan Gosling has failed to win a permanent restraining order against his alleged female stalker.

The actor was given temporary protection from Grace Marie Del Villar last year, but it recently expired.

The 34-year-old's request to have the order extended by three years was rejected when Del Villar failed to turn up in court in LA.

Under US law, Gosling's legal team have to personally serve the defendant with extension papers to validate the ban.

The Notebook actor was given an order against New York resident Del Villar in November, after she showed up at his family home in Los Angeles, claiming she was his twin.

She was instructed to stay 100 yards away from Gosling, his girlfriend Eva Mendes and their daughter Esmeralda.

Prior to her unexpected visit, Del Villar had reportedly sent harassing emails and packages to the actor.

According to TMZ, one of the packages included a torn-out magazine pictures of Mendes and a stapled note containing Del Villar's contact details.

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