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Spectre: first official image of Daniel Craig on set

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre Image copyright MGM
Image caption Spectre is the fourth film in which Daniel Craig has played James Bond

The first official image of Daniel Craig filming the new James Bond film Spectre has been released.

The image shows Craig in dark glasses on top of a mountain, during one of the movie's major action sequences.

Associate Producer, Gregg Wilson called the sequence "amazing", "spectacular" and a "jewel in the crown" of the film.

Fans have previously seen unofficial footage from the film shoot, after Craig was spotted travelling up the River Thames in a speedboat.

Sanctioned footage from behind the scenes of the Austrian set, shows the filming of a car chase in the snow, with Bond grabbing a man from behind and shooting another one.

It also reveals a large, glass building high up in the mountain, that could be the base for Spectre.

Production Designer Dennis Gassner said the film company had searched through many countries to find the unique, modern facility.

"I think that we are going to continue the history of the Bond films, making things that are exciting for the audience to look at," he said. "And what could be more exciting than to be on top of the world?"

The production manager admitted filming on the mountain was causing problems with altitude sickness and weather.

But for Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista, who plays Mr Hinx, the setting was "very surreal".

"It looks like a painting, especially for me," he said. "I'm from the inner city, it's my first time ever up a mountain."

Image copyright AP
Image caption Christoph Waltz was at the launch of the film with Daniel Craig

Filming on the 24th official James Bond film started at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire in December.

At the launch of the film, it was confirmed that Christoph Waltz will have a role in the film, playing a character called Oberhauser, which is the same name as Bond's former ski instructor.

However, it has been rumoured Waltz will really be playing Bond's old nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

The shady Spectre organisation featured in Ian Fleming's Bond books, and the Sean Connery-era films.

An international crime syndicate with Blofeld as its number one, it counted the metal-handed scientist Dr Julius No and eyepatch-wearing Emilio Largo amongst its villainous ranks.

Spectre will be released on 6 November, 2015.

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