Breadxit: Reaction to Bake Off moving to Channel 4


The Great British Bake Off will be on Channel 4, not the BBC, from 2017. And presenters Mel Gierdroyc and Sue Perkins will not be making the switch in broadcaster.

Reaction is split three ways on social media: "I don't like adverts," "Who cares? It's a show about pie-making," and then, of course, the obligatory puns and glib humour.

So let's just concentrate on the last lot.

Simon Rix, of rock band Kaiser Chiefs, points out there may have been a bigger story:

Image source, Simon Rix

While others raise a valid point for the viewing public:

Image source, Jamie Riddell

Stunning bun puns run until done

Given the use of the Breadxit hashtag, it seems only fitting that some on Twitter should attempt to school us in the finer matters of the show's constitutional legislation:

Image source, Claire Davies

And, of course, the culinary analogies have been rising. Or over-baked. Or something to do with cutlery.

Image source, Sally Barton

Yes, there will probably be adverts

While the overwhelming apprehension about Channel 4's version of the show revolves around interruptions for sponsored messages, many others have been imagining some previous elephant traps of commercial output.

Image source, James Maclean

And landslidegirl would like to remind us that some people were into Bake Off before it was cool. (So, piping hot, presumably.)

Image source, landslidegirl

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