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Nicole Kidman 'cries at adoptive mother's love' shown in Lion

Nicole Kidman
Image caption Kidman says she is 'so connected' to the issues portrayed in Lion

Nicole Kidman has said she was brought to tears by the "beautiful" depiction of an adoptive mother's love in her latest film, Lion.

The actress, who plays adoptive mother Sue Brierley, has two adopted children in real life.

Kidman told the Victoria Derbyshire programme she wished she had more children.

But, she added, her husband Keith Urban tells her to "shut down" such urges.

'Love letter'

Kidman told the programme that - in showing how an adoptive mother's love for a child is the same as a birth mother's - the film makes her cry.

"When it's shown in the film with such warmth and openness and compassion, I think that's a beautiful thing for people to see."

She said it brings her to tears "probably because I'm so connected to it, and it's so succinctly put by the writer".

Kidman has two adopted children with her former husband Tom Cruise - Isabella, 24, and Connor, 21.

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Image caption The film tells the story of a young boy adopted by an Australian couple

In the film, directed by Garth Davis, her character adopts a five-year-old boy, Saroo, from an orphanage in the Indian city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

Saroo had become tragically separated from his family after he boarded a train and was transported hundreds of miles from his rural village.

Kidman says one scene in the film - which is based on a true story - epitomises an adoptive mother's love for her children.

When Saroo begins his journey to find his birth mother, Kidman says her character Sue Brierley "wanted his biological mother to know she'd kept him safe [and] raised him with love into a beautiful human being".

Kidman describes the film as a "love letter" to all her children, and "to other mothers and children too".

"It's rare that we get [to talk about] unconditional love - that no matter where you go, what you do, what your journey is… I'm here and I love you."

Kidman has two young children, Sunday Rose, eight, and Faith, six, with country musician Urban.

'I love children'

Kidman, 49, is the same age her grandmother was when she gave birth for the final time.

She told Victoria Derbyshire she wished she had "two or three more children".

But, she added: "My husband says 'that is the wanting mind Nicole, shut it down'."

Nevertheless, Kidman told Derbyshire: "I love children, I love raising children. My sister has six children… they make me feel good.

"I love being around them, the ups and downs, watching them grow - the things they say and teach."

Kidman said she did not have any regrets in life, counting herself as "blessed".

But, she added: "Would I enjoy giving to more young people? Yes."

The Victoria Derbyshire programme is broadcast on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News channel.

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