Chicken Connoisseur heads into print

image source, Blink Publishing
image captionThe Chicken Connoisseur could be coming to a chicken shop near you

You may have seen the videos. You may even have eaten the chicken. And soon you'll have the chance to buy the book.

That's because The Chicken Connoisseur, a fast food critic whose YouTube videos have made him a viral sensation, now has the UK's bookshops in his sights.

The reviewer - real name Elijah Quashie - will release The Pengest Munch: In Search of the Nation's 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments on 5 October.

For those not in the know, pengest is slang for best.

image captionThe sharply dressed critic looks 15 but is actually 23, according to some reports

The nattily dressed wings man, whose real age is a matter of some debate, has generated more than 22 million views on YouTube with his pithy critiques of poultry purveyors.

He also has some famous fans, among them Star Wars actor John Boyega and BBC Radio 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth.

His upcoming book will bring his expertise to bear on 50 chicken shops across the country nominated by members of the public.

If you'd like your favourite (or least favourite) eatery to receive a visit, you have 25 days to cast your vote on the Connoisseur's official website.

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