Notes for Brooklyn Beckham (from an old man to a young man)

Brooklyn Beckham Image copyright PA

Brooklyn Beckham's first photography book, What I See, has been published to somewhat mixed reviews.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Don't caption your photographs. Your pictures can speak for themselves.
  • Edit. Less is more. Take a leaf out of Ernest Hemingway's book: "I write one page of masterpiece to 91 pages of s***. I try to put the s*** in the wastebasket."

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  • The snide remarks being made about your work are cheap and self-serving. Ignore them.
  • If you haven't already done so, go see some Magnum photographers. Ask their advice.
  • Don't ignore them.
Image copyright Brooklyn Beckham
  • Finding your own distinct visual language takes time and experimentation and experience. Be patient. You can't be a master without first being an apprentice.
  • Mary McCartney would be a good mentor.
  • Sincerity is an artist's ballast. Critics often call it wrong. If you mean it, do it.
  • Be curious.
  • Stop biting your nails.
Image copyright Brooklyn Beckham

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