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From Justin Timberlake in Minneapolis to the Oscar nominees luncheon in Los Angeles to Eurovision: You Decide in Brighton, it's been another hectic week in the world of entertainment.

Here's a round-up of some of the bigger stories we've covered over the last seven days, just in case you missed them.

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Justin Timberlake paid tribute to Prince during a Super Bowl half-time show in Minneapolis that saw him perform one of the Purple One's classic songs before a giant backdrop of the late singer.

Timberlake's hit-filled set also made an internet celebrity of 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, an unsuspecting fan whose appearance alongside the former 'N Sync singer saw him quickly dubbed "Selfie Kid".

Yet Timberlake's Super Bowl performance left many unimpressed, as did the 37-year-old's latest release Man of the Woods - a record one critic described as "a non-committal shrug of an album".

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Alongside promos from a string of upcoming movie blockbusters, the ad breaks for this year's Super Bowl included a sneak peak at the next Star Wars film.

The brief teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story was soon followed by a full trailer that offered fans their first glimpse of 28-year-old Alden Ehrenreich in the role made famous by Harrison Ford.

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Contenders assemble! The collected ranks of this year's Academy Awards hopefuls came together at a nominees' luncheon in Los Angeles that gave them a chance to rub shoulders, compare notes and exchange a few telephone numbers.

"Hey Meryl? It's Margot. Yes, it was great to see you on Monday. I was just wondering though - could you give me a hand with my Australian accent?"

Before that wholly imaginary conversation took place, the lucky nominees posed for the traditional Oscars photo. Apart from Agnes Varda, that is, whose place was taken by a cardboard cut-out.

Singer SuRie - real name Susanna Cork - was named as the UK's representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest during a live ceremony at the Brighton Dome.

The Royal Academy of Music graduate and Annie Lennox lookalike said it felt "absolutely amazing" to be going to Lisbon in May to perform her upbeat track Storm.

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Mel Giedroyc was in Brighton to host Eurovision: You Decide on the same day it emerged that the Generation Game reboot she'll be co-hosting with Sue Perkins this spring will only run to two episodes.

When the game show's return was announced last year, the BBC said it would have a four-episode run. This week, though, the corporation said it was "not unusual for a new series to change length."

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Black Panther, the latest superhero movie from the Marvel stable, had its European premiere in London ahead of its UK release next week.

Critics have been raving about the film, which tells of a king from a fictional African republic who becomes a masked and costumed crimefighter.

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Yet there was much less love for Fifty Shades Freed, the final instalment in a trilogy of films to be drawn from the erotic bestsellers of writer EL James.

"In terms of drama, or melodrama, or just bad drama, Freed rarely delivers the goods," wrote one reviewer of the film, which - like its predecessors - reached cinemas in time for Valentine's Day.

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Singer Lucy Rose released a poignant new video that saw her take a trip to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland with one of her fans.

Zoe Schofield, who has Asperger's syndrome and chronic fatigue, said she had "so many great memories" from shooting the video at the World Heritage Site.

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This was also the week we bid farewell to actor John Mahoney, known and loved by millions thanks to his role as the irascible Marty Crane in US sitcom Frasier.

Cast members from the show paid tribute to the British-born star of stage and screen, who died at the age of 77 while in hospice care in Chicago.

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