GBBO: Terry 'overwhelmed' by support following wife's death

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Former Great British Bake Off contestant Terry Hartill has said he is "overwhelmed" by the support he has received since it emerged his wife had died.

Terry left GBBO during "spice week", and revealed the competition had helped him cope with his wife's death.

The 54-year-old is not on social media but asked the show to post a letter he had written.

Terry thanked fans for the "huge response" he had received.

He added he was "particularly grateful for all your kind words online and on social media".

Terry's wife and mother to their two children, Joanna, died of cancer last year at the age of 52 after a 10-month illness.

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Terry also revealed his daughter was the one who had applied for him to be on the show.

He continued: "We never could have expected the wonderful reaction that we have experienced and continue to receive.

"In the tent it was tough and difficult at times (a melting Eiffel Tower for example). I thank you all for seeing the vision! But it has been so very enjoyable and I have made some wonderful lifelong friends."

The final of the Channel 4 show - featuring contestants Kim-Joy Hewlett, Rahul Mandal and Ruby Bhogal - will be aired on Tuesday evening at 20:00 GMT.

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