David Bowie to be immortalised by Barbie

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In his 1973 song Time, David Bowie famously sang of "Billy Dolls".

Now, 50 Golden Years after the release of Space Oddity, a few Changes mean it's a case of Barbie Dolls.

Toymakers Mattel have announced a new collectable doll inspired by his signature Ziggy Stardust fashion.

Dubbed Barbie as Bowie, the doll is dressed as the late singer's glam-rock alter ego, complete with a pair of red platform boots and topped with his fiery-red mullet.

Bowie fans will be Dancing In The Street to know the new figure was created in partnership with the 2019 David Bowie Archive.

Though if they're feeling Under Pressure to buy one, they should be advised the price runs to $50 (£40).

Such is the price of Fame.

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