Parasite becomes UK's most successful international film

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Parasite won four Oscars including best picture and best director

Oscar-winning South Korean movie Parasite has achieved another milestone by becoming the highest-grossing non-English language film in the UK.

The winner of the best picture Oscar has taken a total of £11.5m at the box office since its release on 7 February.

Its success ends the reign of The Passion of the Christ, which had held the top spot with £11.1m since 2004.

It won four Oscars overall at this year's event, also taking home the famous statuettes for best director, best international film and best original screenplay.

The film is a vicious social satire about two families from different classes in Seoul - one who live in poverty in a semi-basement, and another who live in a large home in an affluent area.

The story revolves around the poor family's plans to infiltrate the life and home of the much wealthier one.

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The Passion of the Christ caused a lot of controversy when released

It opened in the UK later than in other countries and was able to take full advantage of the buzz created by its Academy Awards success.

On its opening weekend in the the UK, Parasite made £1.4m in the run-up to the Oscars, which took place on 9 February.

It climbed to the second spot in the UK the following week after it was expanded from 137 cinemas to 428 sites and increased its takings by 133%.

Globally, the film has grossed $257m (£197m) so far, with more than $50m (£38m) of that total coming from the US.

The film has enjoyed the biggest post-Oscar boost for a best picture winner in the past decade.

The UK's top 10 highest-grossing non-English language films

1. Parasite: £11.5m*, released 2020

2. The Passion of the Christ: £11.1m, released 2004

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: £9.4m, released 2001

4. Amélie: £5m, released 2001

5. Apocalypto: £4.1m, released 2007

6. Hero: £3.8m, released 2004

7. House of Flying Daggers: £3.8m, released 2004

8. Life is Beautiful: £3.1m, released 1999

9. Volver: £2.9m, released 2006

10. The Motorcycle Diaries: £2.8m, released 2004

*Still on release; Box office as of Sunday 8 March 2020. Figures from the BFI.

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