Eurovision: Italy wins while UK's James Newman gets nul points

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Eurovision winners, Italy's Måneskin: ''Rock and roll never dies''

Italy has won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with their song Zittie e Buoni.

Måneskin singer Damiano David shouted "Rock and roll never dies" as the four-piece group collected their glass microphone trophy.

It was another disappointing night for the UK, with James Newman's Embers scoring nul points.

It is the fifth time the UK has come last, and the second time it has received no points.

The first time was in 2003 when Jemini sang Cry Baby.

Newman put on a brave face, smiling and cheering as the bad news was delivered.

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Commentator Graham Norton reacted by saying: "I'm trying to put a positive spin on it but I feel so sorry for James. A lot of disappointed people in that arena tonight, but thrilled to be a part of Eurovision."

He also had plenty of support from fans such as Matt Lucas, who said "we love you James Newman", BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker, who praised him "laughing it off" and RuPaul's Drag Race star Michelle Visage., who said: "I am sending this tweet to James Newman and James only. You were INCREDIBLE."

But some people did not think Newman's performance was good enough, with Twitter account the Vinyl Frontier saying his singing could have been better.

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In contrast to the lack of points for Newman, it was delirium for Måneskin, who had been firm favourites despite their rock number not being typical Eurovision fare.

They are the first group to win the competition since 2006, and Italy last won in 1990.

Måneskin's Victoria de Angelis said after the show that their win was a boost for her country, which was badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

"This is a message of hope after this hard year we've been through," she said.

Her bandmate David said: "That prize shows that this is not (a) cheesy event. This is a musical event."

Why did Italy win?

Steve Holden, BBC Newsbeat

Italy were the favourites for a reason.

They brought swagger, confidence and star quality to the Eurovision stage.

As they said to me in the lead-up, they didn't try to fit into a Eurovision box and just played on stage as if it was just another gig.

They struck the perfect combination: a powerhouse song with perfect staging. The song - Zitti e buoni - builds and builds to a pyrotechnic climax and they got a landslide result from the public vote. Job done.

France's Barbara Pravi came second with Voilà, while Switzerland's Gjon's Tears came third with his ballad Tout l'Universe.

It was a tense climax to the show, with many countries getting few votes from the public and the top of the leaderboard changing frequently.

Switzerland and France were both in front at some point during the night, as were Finland and Iceland.

Spain, Germany and the Netherlands got no points from the public but got a few from the juries, which left the UK languishing at the bottom.

Germany's Jendrick came second to last while San Marino's Senhit could only manage to come 22nd, despite her track featuring chart topper Flo Rida.

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France's Barbara Pravi was beaten by Italy

Iceland - who weren't able to perform live after one of the band tested positive for Covid-19 - came fourth.

Representatives from 26 nations took to the stage at Rotterdam's Ahoy Arena.

Some of Graham Norton's best lines

"It's less Destiny's Child ... more Destiny's Inappropriate Auntie."

"Finland are still very cross about the conditioner in the hotel."

"If you ever wondered what had happened to Orville, the lead singer is wearing him."

"I'm not sure if she hit that note but I've definitely got a nosebleed."

"I wear this every time I go to the smelting plant."

"This is Marmite if everyone hated Marmite."

"Maybe it will grow on me, like mould on a bathroom ceiling."

"She's dressed like a zebra for some reason. Do you think it comes with a head?"

Last year's contest was axed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has also had an impact on this year's event.

An audience of 3,500 people cheered them on during the show, which was an official Covid trial event.

Saturday's show was co-hosted on stage by Nikkie de Jager, better known around the world as NikkieTutorials.

Known for giving make-up and beauty advice on her social media channels, the Dutch internet star was the contest's first transgender host.

The United Kingdom last won Eurovision in 1997 and has won the annual singing contest five times since it began in 1956.

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