Scottish independence referendum: The issues EU membership

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Would Scotland be in EU?

Saltire and EU flag

The debate on EU membership for an independent Scotland focuses on two Treaties of the European Union articles.

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Tory tensions over keeping the UK intact

Is the Tory Party's commitment to leaving the EU in conflict with its commitment to the United Kingdom?



How the voting works

Just in case you missed our post earlier on, here's an explainer for you on the voting:

  • After all songs have been performed, each country will give two sets of points. One set is given by a jury of five music industry professionals, while the other is from viewers at home.
  • Viewers can vote by telephone and through the official app but you cannot vote for your own country.
  • Once the voting window has closed, the spokespersons in all participating countries will reveal their jury points live on air.
  • Next, viewers' points from all participating countries are added up, and revealed from the lowest to the highest.
  • This leads to the nail-biting result, which will reveal the winner of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest.



Sturgeon call on indyref2 by end of year

The first minister said she would make her judgement when the deal between Britain and the EU became clear.



PM Theresa May's to-do list

Brexit, Scottish independence, Larry the cat...Theresa May has a long to do list as she starts at Number 10.



Fishing industry 'wants out of EU'

The fishing industry wants out of the EU in the face of Scottish government efforts to keep the country in, ministers are being told.



Blair: Brexit will lead to Scots UK exit

Former Labour PM Tony Blair thinks Scotland will leave the Union if the UK votes to break away from the European Union.



What would happen to EU membership?

The BBC's Glenn Campbell examines the issue of EU membership for an independent Scotland.



Yes vote 'means big Scots EU boost'

Scottish independence would give the nation's profile its biggest ever boost in Europe, First Minister Alex Salmond says.



Sterlingisation 'threatens EU entry'

Continuing to use the pound without a formal currency union could prevent an independent Scotland from joining the EU, it is claimed.



Animation on Scotland and the EU

An animation dedicated to Scotland's relationship with the European Union in the referendum on Scottish independence.
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