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    Video caption: Naomi has been coping with the impact of Covid since the start of the pandemic

    BBC Young Reporter Competition regional winner Naomi shares her story about how Covid has changed her life.

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    Video caption: Covid: Mum training to be nurse after husband's death passes GCSEs

    Rachel Ohene-Adjei passes her GCSEs as she tries to become a nurse following the death of her husband.

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    Video caption: 'I've seen Covid impact children's welfare the most' says Norfolk entertainer

    An entertainer says children have been the most affected in society since Covid restrictions ended.

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    Video caption: Platinum Jubilee concert: Covid volunteer 'grateful' to receive invite

    Daisy, 17, is invited to the Platinum Jubilee concert because of her community work in the pandemic.

  5. Insolvency and the pandemic

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    Video caption: Did the cash governments gave businesses during lockdowns really help keep them afloat?

    During the pandemic governments all over the world handed out cash to businesses. But did it really help keep those companies afloat and keep people in their jobs?

  6. The cost of China’s zero-Covid policy

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    Video caption: How is China's Covid policy affecting the country's economy, and the people living there?

    The economic cost of China’s zero-Covid policy

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    Video caption: 'Life without Covid rules is much worse than we thought'

    Vaccines and treatments have helped many in the UK but Isabel, 11, is among those still at risk.