BBC News for Android beta app trial

The new version of the BBC News app for Android and iOS will be available soon. In preparation for this, we are opening a beta trial of the Android app. Whilst for technical reasons it is not possible to open a beta trial of the iOS app, the full launch of both iOS and Android apps will occur simultaneously in the near future.

Image caption Join the Android beta trial group

Numbers for the Android beta trial need to be limited, and we will aim to approve requests to join the beta trial in the order they are received. The BBC appreciates your patience as we gradually widen this to more users.

To take part, you will need an Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or higher. You also need to be a member of Google Plus, using the same Google account that you use to access Play Store - this is usually a Gmail address. Finally, you must be using the UK version of Play Store, as the new app is not yet available outside the UK.

To sign up, click here and ask to join the the BBC News for Android beta trial group in Google Plus.

It may take some time for your request to be approved. Once it is, you will receive an alert in Google Plus, or in Gmail under the alarm bell icon - it may go into your Other Alerts section.

Image caption When your request is accepted, you will receive a notification under the alarm bell icon

Click the notification, or click the link above again, or start Google Plus and go to the BBC News for Android beta trial group community.

In the description of the community, you will find two links. Follow the first link marked "Join the trial". On the next page, click the cyan-blue link marked "Become a tester". It will change to "You are now a tester". Wait for around five minutes, and then click this link to download the beta trial app from Play Store.

Note that in Play Store, the app will look like the existing app - but provided you reached the screen that said "You are now a tester", you will automatically be delivered the beta version. If you still get the old app despite being confirmed as a tester, wait a few more minutes and go to Play Store again, since it can take a few minutes until Play Store recognises you are a tester and so should receive the beta update. If this doesn't work, uninstall the old app then install again. You will also receive future beta versions when they become available.

If you wish to leave the beta trial, go to the BBC News for Android beta trial group community in Google Plus. Follow the link marked "Leave the trial". Click the link marked "Leave the test". Then uninstall BBC News from your device. You can then reinstall the release version from Play Store.

The BBC appreciates your feedback during the beta trial. Please email with your comments.

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